Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions (Xd Lashes)


Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions (Xd Lashes)

Volume or Russian Volume Lashes originated in Russia and have recently made a breakthrough in the US and Europe.

This multi-lash technique forms one extension at the base but creates a beautiful fan at the tips.

Perfect for women who have fine, sparse lashes or those that want to achieve extra thickness and glamour.

Volume Lashing is an advanced technique of Lash application and each Volume fan is handmade and attached to one Natural lash one at a time.

There are a variety of looks to choose from; you can go from uber-natural 2D and 3D styles to thicker 4D and 5D, or even go ultra-glam and have up to 6D.

The choice is completely yours, each eyelash appointment is tailored to you.

Infills for Russian Volume Lashes are recommended every 3 to 4 weeks.

This is dependent on each person’s own lash cycle.

Deposit payable upon booking, and patch test required up to 48 hours before appointment.

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